From Snow Hill to Cooperstown

At the December 11 meeting of the Rotary Club of Snow Hill, Club member Tom Sullivan gave a presentation about the life and legacy of William Julius "Judy" Johnson.

Source: National Baseball Hall of Fame
Judy Johnson, who was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1975, was born in the Snow Hill area at the end of 1899. He was considered one of the greatest 3rd basemen of the early part of the twentieth century. But because of the racial barriers imposed by the major leagues prior to 1947, many great ball players were denied entry into the Hall of Fame until the 1970's when corrective actions were taken.

This picture from the Hall of Fame archives is of Johnson's induction ceremony. Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn is seen making the presentation.

The Worcester County Historical Society recently announced that a Judy Johnson memorial will be placed on the grounds of the Snow Hill Public Library in the Spring of 2019.